To Scoop or Not To Scoop!

With rising scrutiny and awareness of unclaimed dog poop in public common areas, one has to ask – “Why is important that I pick up my dog’s poop when everyone else is leaving dog waste behind?”

boy with dog in grass

Ok, fair question.  Consider these tips:

  1. Responsible Pet Ownership – If someone else sees you being responsible and picking up your pet’s waste, they are more likely to pick up their own.
  2. Spread of Disease – There a few very common, but serious diseases that can be passed along to dogs and cats through infected feces.
  3. Dog waste is not fertilizer!
  4. And then there is the subject of flies!  Did you know they lay eggs in feces?  Then you have a new bunch of flies to deal with.
  5. And lastly, pet waste won’t be accidentally tracked into your house or vehicle unintentionally, by you or your pet!


It’s best to scoop your yard daily and if you find that you don’t have the time – hire a pet waste removal company.  You might be surprised to learn how affordable this service is!

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