Wonders Beyond the Glass

As I was watering plants on the front porch, I noticed Brody watching me through the front door.  This has happened before, and I wonder:  Is he watching what I am doing?  Does he just want to be outside too?  Or, is he simply content to sit and watch all the goings on outside.


As I continued, making sure I was getting each and every plant some water, I noticed I had another stalker.  Dakota had joined the party and decided to sit and make an attempt at why I was spending so much time outside with “plants” instead of with him!

Since they have a doggie door to the backyard I wasn’t particularly concerned about them actually “needing” to come outside.

There was something about their calmness, seeming to simply be taking it all in – the wonders beyond the glass.


As my routine continued and I ended in the backyard, Brody and Dakota were of course outside “helping” the entire time.  Once my job was complete and I had put things away in the kitchen, I peered out the window to find two sweet white dogs peering back at me from beyond the glass.

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