Wonders Beyond the Glass

As I was watering plants on the front porch, I noticed Brody watching me through the front door.  This has happened before, and I wonder:  Is he watching what I am doing?  Does he just want to be outside too?  Or, is he simply content to sit and watch all the goings on outside.


As I continued, making sure I was getting each and every plant some water, I noticed I had another stalker.  Dakota had joined the party and decided to sit and make an attempt at why I was spending so much time outside with “plants” instead of with him!

Since they have a doggie door to the backyard I wasn’t particularly concerned about them actually “needing” to come outside.

There was something about their calmness, seeming to simply be taking it all in – the wonders beyond the glass.


As my routine continued and I ended in the backyard, Brody and Dakota were of course outside “helping” the entire time.  Once my job was complete and I had put things away in the kitchen, I peered out the window to find two sweet white dogs peering back at me from beyond the glass.

Published by Guardian Pet Watch

Hi! My extreme passion for animals has led me to meet many extraordinary people. I am the founder/owner of Guardian Pet Watch, a Residential Pet Care Solutions Company for all things related to residential pet care and your PAWS in partnership with PooScoopers.com who handles pet waste management. We love caring and sharing pet related topics with our clients and readers. If you would like to connect or have questions, reach out to us at info@guardianpetwatch.com. Happy Tails!

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