New Puppy Ponderings….

So, you’ve decided to get a new puppy?  GREAT!

Deciding to add a new puppy to your family is such an exciting time.  There is fun, play time and laughter over all the things your new puppy will do.  Oh and don’t forget PUPPY BREATH!


You will know you are truly ready for your new puppy once your research is complete.

  1.  TYPES?  Have I researched different breeds of dogs and know which ones will fit my family or my situation?
  2. PURE BRED?  Will I be going through a breeder or choosing to adopt from a rescue or local animal shelter?  And do I know the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  3. YIKES!  IT COSTS WHAT?  Am I prepared and able to afford the required medical bills associated with taking care of and maintaining this new family member for the long haul?
  4. YOUR PET IS PART OF THE FAMILY.  Is everyone in my household on board with this decision?
  5. PATIENCE!  Do I have enough to handle this decision?  Puppies require a lot of work and dedication when it comes to house training.  If you are not prepared for things being chewed or you do not have the time, money  to invest in a trainer, OR patience – consider adopting an older dog from the shelter who has already had some training.


Whether you live in an apartment or have 10 acres, there are breed characteristics that will help you make the best choice for your situation.  For example, does the dog I want need a lot of exercise? OR does this dog like to lay around while I have my morning run?

boy with dog in grass

The decision to use a well known breeder or local shelter is completely yours.  There are pros and cons to each scenario.  Know them!  At your local shelter, you can find purebreds, puppies and older dogs that may have already had some training.

YES!  Heart worm medication is necessary, just as are all the other required shots and flea & tick prevention.  If you have ever experienced the pain of losing a beloved canine suffering from heart  worms this question is a no-brainer!

Our pets love us and need our companionship.  Making your pet part of your family is one of the most important parts of pet ownership.

We have listed some tips below to assist in a happy and healthy new puppy relationship.


  • Socialize – Socialize – Socialize.  Introducing your puppy to new places, people and things is extremely important in his development.  Other puppy playmates help eliminate any excess energy.Brody sibling
  • Obedience Training.  Get started as soon as you can!  Basic commands are necessary and may even be a life saver for your new pet.
  • Crate Training is a great way to set your new puppy up for success!  (But remember – Crates should only be used when you cannot be with your puppy – and that is not 24/7, right?)
  • Pet Proof Your Home.  Research what household products and foods could harm your pet and make sure they are kept in an area away from your pet.
  • Feed your Pet Right!  Keeping your pet on a regular feeding schedule with portions and food recommended by your veterinarian with help with weight management and prevent health problems.

GOOD LUCK!!!  Wishing you and your new puppy lots of love and adventures together!




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