The Professional Pet Sitter

So just what is a Professional Pet Sitter?

It’s a great question and you need to be informed if you own pets, especially if you plan to hire someone to care for them or perform pet related chores.  A Professional Pet Sitter may be required if you have a long day at work, a weekend getaway or even a long vacation.  It can also include daily dog walking, pet waste removal or poop scooping when you are at home.  A Residential Pet Care Professional and/or Professional Pet Sitter is qualified for these services depending on the services that they offer.

If you have been considering hiring someone to come into your home to care for your pets you have several options.  It all depends on what best fits your needs.

First let’s talk about your caregiver options.


1.  Friends & Family

You may consider family, friends or neighbors when help is needed watching Fido or checking on Kitty.  It could be an ideal situation if you both have pets and can trade off services.  Consider whether they have pets of their own and whether or not your pet is comfortable and familiar with them.  That may work well, until your both scheduled to be gone at the same time!

2.  Neighborhood Kids

This seems to be a viable option because you might be helping to provide some spending money or work for kids that are out of school or college for the summer.  Make strict ground rules and feel comfortable in the fact that they will follow your rules.  Will they know not to bring other friends into your home?  Can they be counted on to show up when they are supposed to?  Will they know how to handle the situation if something goes wrong or contact you or your emergency contact immediately?

3.  Pet Sitter

You might say, “Well, now your talking!  They get paid to take of my fur-babies.”  This is true, but keep in mind a Pet Sitter could be in the category of the options listed above as well.  Do your research, ask for references and verify that the Pet Sitter you are considering is a Professional Pet Sitter.  Do your research if you hire from site such are or – verify their qualifications!

Beth Stultz, Vice President with Pet Sitters International stated “Just because someone is a pet lover and has a profile on an online directory—or even on a nationally-publicized site—doesn’t ensure he or she is a qualified pet sitter operating a legitimate business,”.  Read the full article

The Top 5 Qualifications of a Professional Pet Sitter are:

  1. Completed Criminal Background Check
  2. Bonded and Insured – This protects your belongings and your pets.
  3. Business License – Make sure they have a license to provide services in the area they are working.
  4. Pet CPR Certification
  5. Participates in pet industry continued education.

A Professional Pet Sitter pays taxes, business licenses and if they have employees – payroll taxes, so do not expect them to charge the same as the college student next door.

Always check with your local BBB or Chamber of Commerce website.  In addition, nationally recognized pet sitting websites such as or


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