Is Walking Going to the Dogs?

It Should Be!


While most of us walk our dogs with one goal in mind, did you know there are quite a few reasons you should be walking your dog?

What would your answer be to the following question? “Why are You Walking your Dog?”  If you said, “It’s Potty Time”, or something similar, you are among the vast majority.

But what about the other reasons walking is beneficial for you and your dog?  Well, there isn’t a set number of reasons and they vary depending on each pet.  AND yes, cats go on leash walks too!  Let’s look at some of the top few.


Who doesn’t need exercise in their life?!  Slow, moderate or high energy, keeping your pet on the move can increase their mobility, keep joints and muscles in shape while also aids in reducing those extra, unwanted pounds.

Regular walks can help build strong muscles and bones, aid your pet’s digestive system and help with constipation, while decreasing stress levels and vet bills!



Most dogs should be walked at least once per day, while higher energy dogs may require walks more often.  The length or pace of your walk should be determined by your pets breed, age, health and energy level.

Dogs who exhibit destructive digging, scratching or chewing behavior can benefit greatly by implementing a regular walking routine.  Walks can also help your pet to be more calm and ready for sleep at bedtime.

Dogs love to go on walks for the great smells alone!  All the smells tell them what has been happening in the outside world.  Imagine, a receptionist transferring you a phone call – only to be disconnected before you find out who is on the other end of the line.  Or, constantly getting interrupted each time you start to read a book, newspaper or an online article?  That’s how I imagine dogs feel when the person on the other end of the leash pulls them along without letting them get a real read on things.  They probably just aren’t  aware of how extremely happy their dog would be just for a good sniff or two!

Remember to give your dog plenty of time to smell the roses.canstockphoto14777508


Walks provide for the possibility of meeting other pets and humans while giving exposure to the sights and sounds of the environment which all aid in positive socialization.  Walking, in conjunction with positive, force-free training and proper socialization help your pet thrive as a happy and healthy canine.

If you are realizing the importance of walks for your dog, the added time requirement will be a positive investment in not only your dog’s health, but also your health and relationship with your dog.

Reaching out to family, neighbors, friends or professional walkers to assist in implementing and/or maintaining your dog’s daily walking routine shows your commitment to your pets well-being.



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