TOP 5 Essentials for the Rainy Day Dog Walker

Who can deny the sheer joy of enjoying the outdoors with a warm breeze at your back and sunshine caressing your face as you stroll along with your favorite canine companion? 

Just imagine it, your walking along enjoying the fresh air while your dog is stopping to sniff things out every minute or two (which, by the way, means he/she is TOTALLY having a great time too!).  

And then it happens…seemingly in a split second, the clouds turn grey and the sky gets dark.  That’s when you suddenly realize there is a real possibility that the two of you may not make it back ALIVE…oops, I mean DRY!

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If you’re a Professional Dog Walker, you may have dodged pot holes, standing water and frantic drivers in the rain to finally arrived at your first Rainy Day Dog Walk!  Below are our TOP 5 Essentials for any Rainy Day Dog Walker.

DRY FEET – Your feet are just as important as the pups on a rainy day.  Make sure you have a pair of rain boots.  If you are walking your own dog you may be able to change into something dry when you get home, but if you are Professional Dog Walker your only option is to go the rest of your walks in squeaky shoes!

EXTRA TOWELS –  You know what dogs do when they first come in out of the rain, right?  SHAKE, of course!!  And this can leave water marks and spots on walls, especially if Fido hasn’t had a bath since the last rain.  Most clients leave out extra towels when rain is expected, but some may not.  It’s a good idea to be prepared.

DRY CONTAINER – It’s important to keep your cell phone, keys, poop bags and treats in a dry area which can prove difficult when walking dogs in the rain.  The use of a waterproof treat pouch has been a life saver.  You can find these reasonably priced on in fanny pack style, with a waist belt & snap, or with a belt clip.  Some even have a shoulder strap, but that can be cumbersome when walking, bending and stooping.Treat Bags




Every Rainy Day Dog Walker knows if it’s raining – you are bound to get wet.  Take every precaution to keep yourself dry and comfortable for as long as possible, especially in colder weather.  You won’t be walking long if you’re out of work with a cold or the flu!canstockphoto8681607

MY DOG WON’T BUDGE – While some dogs seem to love getting wet, others simply DO NOT!

Never force a dog to walk if it is clear they do not want to go.  The walk should be like any other walk – a FUN and EXCITING adventure.  If they don’t mind the rain, they’ll be ready to go whenever the leash comes out.

 Have Tons of Fun with indoor games and play time with a quick potty break!


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