Boredom in DOGS

Think Your Dog Could Benefit from Regular Walks?

Wouldn’t it be great if our dogs could talk and just tell us just what they need, or want?! Of course it would!  But since they can’t, learning to recognize the signs can go a long way in helping you and your dog, live a happy, and healthier life.

Doggy Boredom

Have you ever come home to items being chewed up or found your dog in an “off limits” area.  There are many things you can do to help reduce or eliminate boredom in your pet.

Ask yourself these questions and we’re sure you may find your pup is trying to tell you something.

  1.  Is your dog getting enough time learning positive behaviors?  Reinforcing positive behavior is the very BEST way to show your dog how to act his or her best!  Nobody, including your pet, wants to be bullied, shamed or mistreated into performing.  And besides, how do you learn the RIGHT way to behave if you’re not shown what that behavior is?
  2.  Does your dog have games, puzzles or training time regularly?  Invest some time in learning your dog’s highest motivator (favorite thing).  For a lot of dogs it’s food and/or treats, but for others it might be a toy or even praise from you!  This allows you to give them their “favorite thing” when they have behaved well or done the right thing.  A frozen Kong with treats inside, food puzzles or hide & seek games to find kibble could just be the ticket to helping keep your dog engaged.canstockphoto13417522
  3.  Are they being properly socialized regularly?  It is important to note that socialization with people as well as other dogs is important in laying the foundation as well as continued reinforcement.  It’s very helpful when guests come to visit or when other dogs are encountered on walks, at parks or at home.  canstockphoto9708592
  4.  Are you setting your dog up for success?  One way to do this might be to limit areas where he/she might get into mischief when unsupervised.  The use of a crate or gated area while you are away can help keep puppy from developing destructive behaviors.
  5.  Is your dog getting enough exercise?  Exercise and mind stimulation helps engage dogs in activities that stimulate the brain, assist in relieving boredom which can lead to a more relaxed and calmer pup.  Have you ever gone out for the day – maybe you went shopping with friends, took a long drive, went hiking or bike riding and then slept better that night?  Well, it’s the same for your dog!  canstockphoto35487216Take your dog on those hiking trips or try some agility training to keep his mind and body engaged.  If you’re short on time – hire a professional dog walker to help you keep your best friend engaged, healthy and happy!  A dog walker can help in more than one area, exercise, socialization and other related care options.

Check out the links below for more information and ideas on dealing with boredom in your dog.


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